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Land DataNLIS Channel licenses are issued by Land Data. The aim is for all companies, regardless of size, to be able to connect electronically to authoritative data providers including local authorities, the Coal Authority, and HM Land Registry via the NLIS network. 

Currently, we offer two ways to connect to the NLIS Hub.  The first option is to interface directly with the NLIS Hub which does require a Channel licence or you can connect via one of the existing NLIS Channels,  this second option does not require a licence.  

The benefits of becoming an NLIS Channel licensee are clear and will enable you to: 

  • Draw down authoritative data directly from over 380 data providers
  • Partner with the only regulated data hub in the market
  • Add credibility through association with recognised and trusted data providers
  • Create customised services specifically for your customers
  • Run secure billing and payment operations
  • Give your customers 24/7 access to the NLIS Hub
  • Access a tried and tested, robust and compliant IT infrastructure
  • Connect to a data hub renowned for providing the high standards of property search accessibility and access to the conveyancing market
  • Future proof your LLC1 search ordering process. NLIS has developed a seamless LLC1 integration link to HMLR, so regardless of where the order needs to go – LA or HMLR, NLIS can handle it! 

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