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Buying an NLIS search is a very straight forward process. The first thing you need to do is to register with one of the licensed NLIS Channels. You can contact one of the three licensed channels to find out more.

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What’s involved in buying a search?

The user (normally a solicitor or licensed conveyancer) logs on to their chosen NLIS Licensed Channel and enters a case reference, the property details, specifies the search area and selects the property searches to order.

The NLIS channel then forwards the order, which will be accompanied by a payment instruction, to the NLIS Hub which manages the technical infrastructure and payment processes and forwards orders and payments on to all the relevant data providers.

Once the search is complete, the NLIS Hub returns the search data to the originating channel, which in turn sends it back to the solicitor or conveyancer.

Depending on which type of search has been ordered, the whole process can be undertaken in minutes.